Peopleball... GO!

Hi! Here's a bit of a twist on the "normal" Pokémon idea! Here, Pokémon are the trainers and humans are the trainees. Did you ever wonder how that would be? If so, well now you have one possible answer! If not, why not give it a try?
Of course, even though we are a bit strange and off the normal track, some of the basic rules are still pretty much the same as other RPGs. Please read all the RULES before continuing, as some are very different. Future members MUST register at (Go to "Create New Account). Any questions or comments can be directed towards Purple Lemon.


This seems complicated but please bear with me. This is for both protection and added convenience. After the initial registrations, the rest is easy. Thank you!!

  1. Read all the RULES and make sure you can follow them before joining.
  2. Register at
  3. Follow the link to the Forum, introduce your characters into the RPG, read up on the storyline, post and have fun!

NOTE!! For any older members, I have changed the format. There is open joining- meaning no password!- and no bios forms anymore. I am creating a Bio FORUM. Please post your characters' bios and such there. There is still mandatory membership of ezboard, because I need to have some ability to regulate any rowdy or rude/obscene members, but other than that, there won't be any other registrations. Please email me at if you have any questions. Please remember that though there are no detailed registrations anymore, the old rules still hold, and that members much comply to the plot and rules of this RPG. Postings may be edited or deleted if they drastically go against any rules.


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PLEASE Use the General Pokémon Forum for any Pokémon chat that is not related to the RPG. Hopefully this will cut down on any cluttering in the RPG forum. Thanx!
NOTE! All forums are accesible by anyone who is registered, EXCEPT the "Moderator's Forum" which is for Moderators ONLY.

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General Rules

  1. There are no real "humans" as we know them. ALL trainers are Pokémon. Humans generally do NOT train Pokémon. In SOME cases (as always), this may be allowed, but as a general rule, Pokémon are the Trainers. Pokémon and humans can battle in any combination. Humans still wear clothes, etc, though!
  2. For security reasons, I have made this board open only to registered users. I am not anticipating any problems but there are almost certainly a few.
  3. People should have no more than one persona. In other words, have your main character and whatever characters go along with him/her (i.e. if you play a Pokémon, then you can also play the humans that Pokémon trains, or if you play a human, which is allowed, you can play your trainer, if you do not want to be trained by another member's character). One member cannot play another member's character (Either Pokémon or human) for any length of time without permission. You do not have to play a female if you are a female, etc, and vice versa.
  4. No killing of humans or Pokémon. Pokémon don't go around and mercilessly beat their humans. SOME rebellion is allowed, or if you rescue a human from a really mean Pokémon for instance, but other than that, no *real* violence.
  5. Humans generally don't have "abilities". For the sake of "rules" I'd say about five (5) main abilities/weapons. Mostly weapons, cause, let's be realistic here! Things like clubs, whips, sticks, knives, punches, etc. (Note: Anything sharp will not actually cut people or Pokémon. Much like Scythers do not cut their opponents. They can cut inanimate objects though!). I would prefer attacks like "Scratch" or "Bite" or "Psychic" and rather not "Icebeam" or those sorts. THEY CANNOT FLY BY THEMSELVES! They can't really swim well, but of course, some are better at things than others. Its up to you. Humans can fly/swim with the use of other items, like hand gliders or scuba gear. This counts as a weapon/ability however, but you can combine it to make useful attacks.
  6. All Pokémon can talk, as it would be difficult to write for and understand Pokémon that cannot. Humans can or can't depending on each person's preferences. Pokémon are in effect "people", so that CAN wear clothes, hats, glasses, etc., but this is not mandatory!
  7. Items are unlimited, including weapons (like if your humans have throwing stars or arrows), or potions or what. Only up to six humans are allowed to be carried, but you can have as many as you like in "storage".
  8. Humans like Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny would classify as "species". Also, Ash, Brock, Misty, Jesse, James, etc also qualify. There are more than one of them. You can also make up your own humans and what they look like or wear or whatever, if you wish. (I would prefer if you left race and nationality out of Human bios. It could be bad, so mainly just stick to eye/hair color, height, weight, weapons/abilities, gender, clothes etc.)